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What are Electronic Learning Credits (ELCs)?
Electronic Learning Credits, or ELCs, are pools of money set aside by the UK Government for UK Schools to spend on Multimedia products.

The money is distributed from central Government via Local Education Authorities (LEAs) to individual schools, which decide how to spend it.

Every school has an appointed ELC budget-holder holder (eg; your head, head of department, Bursar or ICT coordinator). All teachers are invited to recommend resources for purchase.

For a full list of approved UK Curriculum Online retailers and products please visit www.curriculumonline.gov.uk

Can I purchase Schools SiteMaker using ELCs?
Schools SiteMaker is owned and operated by SiteMaker Software Ltd, who has been accepted as an approved UK Curriculum Online retailer.

In addition, Schools SiteMaker is registered as a UK Curriculum Online approved product which means you can purchase it directly from SiteMaker Software Ltd using Electronic Learning Credits (ELCs).

For more details about how to purchase Schools SiteMaker, please see our Schools – How to buy’ section.

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